About Us

At Breakout, we live and breathe what we do.

When we’re not filming the world’s deadliest snakes for National Geographic or putting cameras on white sharks for the Discovery Channel, we’re out testing the latest camera technology, storyboarding ambitious projects or sneaking in a lunch-time scuba dive to explore a potential location for an upcoming shoot.

Our Creative Director, Colin Thrupp, has produced over 190 hours of factual content for local and international broadcasters. A skilled producer, director, camera operator and editor – Colin’s greatest asset is his ability to get the best out of the people around him and ensure everyone is working towards the same creative vision.

Recently, Breakout has produced RAGING BULLS and MEGASHARKS OF DANGEROUS REEF for Discovery’s Shark Week, three seasons of National Geographic’s smash hit, AUSSIE SNAKE WRANGLERS, and has commenced production on an exciting new project, SUPER SHARK HIGHWAY – a six part series infiltrating one the world’s deadliest shark migration routes.

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